Welcome to the Roemer Research Team at U Mass Boston

photo by Josh Bartok

photo by Josh Bartok

We conduct research in a variety of areas, particularly focusing on how people understand, react to, and cope with intense emotional reactions in ways that either promote or inhibit their well-being. Many of us explore this in the contexts of anxiety disorders and post-traumatic functioning. Many of us also explore the relevance of cultural and contextual factors in these phenomena, with a focus on helping people thrive in the face of discrimination and racism. We emphasize both basic research and clinical application, with particular attention to dissemination, therapy, and addressing barriers to care. Visit mindfulwaythroughanxiety.com for more information on Liz (and Sue Orsillo’s) self-help books.



Team members in the news:

Natalie Arbid receives 2019 APA Division 12 Student Leadership Award

Jessica Graham LoPresti quoted in the Boston Globe July 21, 2019

Jen Martinez receives 2018 APA Division 12 Student Diversity Award