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Dr. Roemer’s research focuses on understanding how individuals respond to unwanted emotional experiences in ways that enhance or detract from their lives, and applying this understanding to the treatment of anxiety disorders, particularly generalized anxiety disorder, as well as to prevention programs and helping people thrive in the face of external and systemic stressors. In collaboration with Sue Orsillo, she has developed an acceptance-based behavior therapy for generalized anxiety disorder that incorporates mindfulness strategies and valued action; along with Sarah Hayes-Skelton, they examine predictors and mechanisms of change in this intervention, as well as the process of change. They are currently studying adaptations for different settings, including prevention and health promotion; future studies will examine therapist training. They are also interested in examining common mechanisms across different treatment approaches, such as acceptance. Dr. Roemer’s research team also examines the relevance of cultural and contextual factors in these phenomena and barriers to care, as well as strategies to promote coping, resilience, and personally meaningful action in the face of racist experiences and other forms of systemic inequity.


Consumer Articles

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Selected Articles and Chapters

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