annaAnna (Hall) Ying I’m interested in mental health disparities, barriers to treatment, mental health stigma, culturally responsive interventions, and Asian American mental health.

TsotsowebsiteTsotso Ablorh  I am interested in researching how to reduce mental health disparities for people in marginalized groups through the application of new therapeutic techniques and modifications to culturally sensitive approaches. Specifically, I study the experiences in therapy of clients who belong to marginalized groups and their perceptions of therapist behaviors. I am interested in how therapeutic dyads and the development of therapeutic alliances may be influenced by privilege and oppression.

Amelia-Yang-Baby-PhotoAmelia Yang  My research interests are in understanding the sociopolitical and culture influences on behavioral health outcomes for underrepresented populations in psychological research, especially Asian Americans. I am also interested in adapting treatments for anxiety disorders for these populations, and working towards a model of mental healthcare that provides accessible and effective treatments.

Cheyenne Ashley I am interested in understanding the psychological effects (e.g., generalized anxiety disorder) of traumatic events, as well as identifying effective treatments. Further, I want to examine the cultural and contextual factors of trauma in efforts to address mental health disparities, and provide better mental health support for people from marginalized communities.