Laura Grace Rollins I am interested in the ways mindfulness can influence the ability to connect across differences of privilege and oppression. I am particularly interested in how mindfulness, by promoting compassion and open-mindedness, can facilitate empathy from individuals in a position of relative privilege toward individuals in oppressed spaces.  I am also interested in how this can be used to facilitate the development of allies and contribute to social justice. (Currently on internship at Brown Alpert Medical School)

Sarah Krill Williston I am interested in mental health-related beliefs and mental health literacy among military veterans and individuals experiencing traumatic stress. I am interested in how these individual-level variables may influence healthcare behavior, and cultural factors that may inform these beliefs. I am also interested in testing brief, efficient ways to modify negative mental health-related beliefs and enhance mental health literacy to empower individuals experiencing distress to seek effective, evidence-based healthcare, and reduce treatment delay or treatment dropout. (Currently on internship at VA Boston Healthcare System)

Elizabeth Eustis I am interested in mindfulness and acceptance-based behavioral treatments for anxiety disorders, depression, and a range of behavioral difficulties. Specifically, I am interested in understanding mechanisms of change during these treatments. I am also interested in the dissemination and implementation of flexible and culturally competent mindfulness and acceptance-based behavioral approaches in diverse settings, including the use of technology to make these approaches more accessible. (Currently on internship at Brown Alpert Medical School)

IMG_1683Jennifer Martinez I am interested in studying the impact of oppression on minority mental health. Specifically, I am interested in the clinical consequences of minority stress, and examining whether there are cultural factors that aid in coping and resiliency. I am also interested in identifying culturally sensitive treatment modifications that could maximize treatment response and acceptability, with an ultimate goal to make high quality, culturally competent evidence-based treatments accessible and affordable to people from marginalized communities.

photoNatalie Arbid My research and clinical interests are in culturally adapted mindfulness and acceptance based behavioral therapies for Latinx populations, and the factors that impact treatment efficacy and utilization. I am also interested in ways to reduce mental health disparities and increase access to evidence-based, quality care for Latinx communities using the integrated primary care model. 

annaAnna Hall I’m interested in cognitive factors (e.g., attention) that could predict anxious pathology or could be related to/moderate mechanisms of change in interventions. I’m also interested in how to develop accessible, culturally sensitive interventions.